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Info, examples, instructions and hardware files for the ESP32 Trinity, an open source ESP32 board for controlling HUB75 matrix panels.

Image of the top of the trinity

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My main contribution to the open source community to date has been my Arduino libraries for the ESP32 and ESP8266, but I recently been trying to contribute more certified open source hardware projects, and they are a lot of work!

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Where To Buy?

My Tindie store is closed indefinitely (for more information you can check out this video). I will more than likely open it for a short run of trinitys some time in the futue, but I do not have any more details right now.

The Trinity is still available through these resellers (FYI, this current batch is probably all that there will be as there is no plans to restock them):

All Trinity’s arrive assembled and have been fully tested.

If you are interested in the Trinity and one of the reseller options suits better please do purchase from there, it being successful for resellers works out well for me too!

Additional Hardware Required

To use the Trinity you will need the following additional things

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Getting Started With Your Trinity

For details on how to hook up your Trinity and setup the software, please check out the Setup and Configuration page


I have provided lots of examples, including full projects, for you to try out to get some ideas or inspiration. Check them out here.

Ready To Go Projects

Want to get something on your Trinity without doing any coding? Then check out these projects that are ready to flash onto your Trinity directly from your browser!


Have more questions? Maybe they are covered in the FAQ. Check it out here.


If you can’t find what you need or have some additional questions or suggestions, feel free to:

And I will do my best to help if I can!