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Here you will find example sketches to run on your Trinity ranging from a simple “Hello World” to full projects like the WiFi Tetris clock

These examples are compatible with any ESP32 using the I2S Matrix library (including my I2S Matrix Shield).

You should also check out the examples that come with the I2S Matrix library for more things to run, but they might not be configured to work with the Trinity out of the box


In this section you will find some simple sketches to get you up and running on your Trinity. These are a great place to get started, as I alway would recomend getting something simple running on any hardware to make sure your setup works!

Building Blocks

This section shows examples on how to do some things that could be useful to use inside a different project. I’ve also tried to cover some of the more commonly asked questions of how to do things here too

Trinity Features

This section is show how to use some of the additional features of the Trinity


This is a collection of some of the projects I’ve written for the Trinity that you should be able to just use to get a full working project going on your Trinity in just a few minutes! Also feel free to build on top of these or change them for you needs.

Note: This is not a full list of projects I’ve made as some will have their own repos. Please check the Project Section for a full list of my projects and user contributed ones.

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

If you feel like there is something missing please or you just need some addtional help, feel free to:

And I will do my best to help if I can!