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ESP32 Trinity Hardware

This folder contains the design files for the ESP32 Trinity and it’s add-on boards.

ESP32 Trinity

This is for the ESP32 Trinity itself. The schematic, gerber and BOM files for the V1.2 release of the board can be found in the here.

This project was designed using EasyEDA and the entire project is shared here at this link.

Additional License info:

While this project is open source at the license mentioned below, the released version of the board makes use of two images that are licensed from These are non functional so I have also provided a gerber with these images removed (the one with “RoyaltyFree” at the end of the file name)

If you use the released Trinity design you will need to sort out licensing for these images yourself ($2.99 each covers a license for commercial use)

Add-On Boards

These are a collection of designs I made for the Trinity. These slot into the add-on/GY521 slot on the Trinity.


All hardware contained in this project is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License V1.2. Details of the license can be found in at the root of the repo.